For accommodations around Philadelphia, feel free to consult our WLAW Accommodation sheet below for hotel and hostel information

Location & Other information

UPenn’s campus is located at a part of the city known as University City, and we highly recommend attendees to stay around this area for easy access to the conference location and in order to save on transportation costs. As a further note, everything within University City is walking distance. We also highly suggest to stay within the limits of 29th-43rd streets, in between the streets of Pine, Locust, Walnut, Sansom, Chestnut, Ludlow, and Market.  However, another ideal location to stay at/around is Center City or Downtown Philadelphia. While most hotels are located around University City/Center City, the hostels are all located in Old City. Keep in mind that Old City is situated on the opposite side of the city from our University City location, so it might take up to 25-30 minutes by car (accounting for traffic) to get to the conference.

If you are interested in a cheaper option for accommodation, Airbnb’s are very common here in Philly. 

When choosing an Airbnb, please keep in mind the location of UPenn’s campus, as well as staying around the recommended limits of Pine, Locust, Walnut, Sansom, Chestnut, Ludlow, and Market streets. As reference, the further down you go in Philly (towards the Old City end), the lower the street numbers will get down to 2nd street; the higher up you go in Philly (towards UPenn’s campus/University city), the higher the street numbers get up to 43rd street (suggested limit).

Please find a map of Philadelphia below to clarify these instructions:

You can also access the map through this link