Private Investment in LatAm: Challenges and Opportunities

Moderator: Steve Sammut, Senior Fellow of Wharton

  • Jacques Antebi, EVP of KIND Snacks (Formerly Fondo de Fondos and IDB)
  • Gustavo Ferraro, Managing Director of Gramercy 
  • Ricardo Jimenez, Principal of Acon
  • George Osorio, Managing Partner of Conduit Capital
  • Dalmau Garcia, Managing Partner or Victoria Capital

Business, Policy and Perspectives in the Age of Trump and Brexit

Moderator: Daniel Willis, Economics Ph.D. at University of Pennsylvania

  • Jaime Ardila, Former Executive VP and President GM Latin America. Founder of the business advisory firm The Hawksbill Group
  • Benito Berber, Executive Director of Nomura Securities 
  • Antonio Ortiz Mena, Senior Advisor at Albright Stonebridge Group

Leadership of Latin American Businesswomen

Moderator: Cate Ambrose, President/Exec. Director of LAVCA

  • Marina Bellini, CIO of PepsiCo Latin America
  • Michele Levy, CEO of Melissa Shoes and formerly in PEVC at JP Morgan and then Senior Director at Council of the Americas
  • Gema Sacristian, CIO of Inter-American Investment Corporation


The Crisis in Venezuela

Moderator: Guillermo Zubillaga, Director of Public Policy Programs at American Society/Council of the Americas

  • Alejandro Grisanti, Chief of Strategy of Knossos Assets Management 
  • Gerver Torres, Senior Scientist of Gallup Organization
  • Miguel Angel Santos, Senior Research Fellow at the Center of International Development at Harvard 

Energy & Infrastructure: Policy and Foreign Investment

Moderator: Angela Pachon, Research Director at Kleinman Center

  • Antonio Carrillo, CEO Mexichem and member of Wharton LatAm Exec Board
  • Cynthia Urda Kassis, Partner at Shearman & Sterling
  • Fernando Bravo, Head of Latin American Infrastructure at Goldman Sachs
  • Werner Ahlers, Partner at Sullivan & Cromwell